Braun & Gresham Launches New Legal Webinar Series

Due to the popularity of David Braun’s Risk Management webinar series this summer, we’ve decided to launch a new webinar series to address some of the most common legal issues we hear from owners of rural land. Starting this August, we will host one webinar per month through January 2014. We are still solidifying times and dates for all of the months, so check back often. We’ll also be sending out updates via our Landowner Alert System once we’ve locked in dates and times through – sign up today!

To join one of the following webinars, at the time of the event, just click on the url included in each of the webinar descriptions below and sign in as a guest using your first and last name.

Alternatively, if you’d like to receive a reminder email the week of the event, and half an hour before the webinar starts that will include this same link to the meeting room, please RSVP by emailing our Marketing Coordinator, Erica Fick:

230kV-monopole-transmission-lineAugust 15th from 12-1pm
Transmission Line Routing: Understand the Process, Protect Your Rights
Presented by Patrick Reznik
The construction of transmission lines, a reaction to the rising demand for electric power in the state, is changing the landscape of Texas, the value of its rural properties, and presenting unprecedented challenges for owners of rural land. Utility companies have to give landowners notice and a chance to participate in the routing process if they are planning to build a power line near their property. However, many landowners are unfamiliar with the complex routing process governed by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), leaving them feeling powerless against big utilities with big legal teams . In this webinar you will learn about this process, its complexities, and the best ways to protect your land and your rights.

Pipeline2September 13th from 12-1pm
Condemnation and Eminent Domain from the Perspective of the Landowner
Presented by Patrick Reznik
As Texas’s population continues to grow, so does the need for new infrastructure. To accommodate this growth, private companies and government agencies are aggressively acquiring private Texas land through condemnation (eminent domain), and this is especially true along rural corridors, like ranches and farms. Join Patrick Reznik for an informative overview of the condemnation process and an education about your rights in this complex legal process.

Estate PlanningOctober 9th, 12-1pm
Estate Planning: What Every Landowner Needs to Know
Presented by Thomas Hall
Passing on legacy land to the next generation presents unique challenges. Without thoughtful estate planning to specifically address these challenges, families could be putting their land’s resources and family heritage at risk. The changing nature of federal tax laws makes these issues especially challenging for landowners. In this webinar, Thomas Hall will speak about the unique tools he employs to help landowners preserve the legacy of their land, including asset protection, limiting liability, planning for mental disability to avoid conservatorship, dealing with probate, minimizing or eliminating federal estate tax, and the options for leaving land to heirs.

thumb1-LitigationNovember 6th, 12-1pm
What is Probate and How To Deal With It
Presented by Thomas Hall
Courts supervise the distribution of a person’s assets after their death in a process called probate. When a person has a professional estate plan, probate may be avoided or simplified to the filing of a few papers with the court. When a person dies without an estate plan or when their will is unclear, probate can be a complicated legal procedure. In this webinar you will learn about the probate process, how to simplify probate when possible, and how to navigate the probate process when necessary.

Texas Hill CountryJanuary 8th, 12-1pm
Conservation Easements 101
Presented by Thomas Hall
This introductory course covers the nuts and bolts of this topic, including conservation easements basics, how they generate financial benefits such as federal income and estate tax savings, how best to structure transactions, practical considerations in negotiating conservation easement terms, selecting and working with land trusts, and the use of conservation easements with other planning strategies.

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