Facing Condemnation with Experience and Tough Negotiating – Part 2

Handling Condemnation with Class, Know-how, and Grit

The Allred Condemnation Part II:


If you missed The Allred Condemnation Part I, you can read it here.

Mr. Allred was impressed with Patrick’s negotiating ability — he was firm with his position, yet managed to keep from being adversarial.  Not backing your opponent into a corner is important in negotiations, and Patrick handles this aspect like no one ever did before.  Intimately knowing the ins-and-outs of the process, Patrick brought expertise to the table that Mr. Allred didn’t even know he was missing. Having worked on transmission line cases before, involving ten different companies, Patrick was very familiar with the details and knew many players in the game. He took Mr. Allred’s case and began working on getting him the best  possible.

Patrick’s expertise and experience resulted in successfully negotiating a reduction of the number of times the lines that would cross the creek from FIVE down to only ONE— this is a huge win, as the environmental damage to the creek was put to a minimum.  Patrick’s knowledge of utility corporations notoriously offering as little as possible in condemnation cases, led him to negotiate a compensation settlement four times the size of ONCOR’s original offer!

Mr. Allred is overjoyed with the way things turned out, and now considers Patrick a friend, as well as a top-notch lawyer!

If you live in Texas, Braun & Gresham are eminent domain attorneys with muscle.  We have serious negotiating skills and years of experience in dealing with condemnation cases and a network of resources among the utility community. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case, and get you more than adequate compensation for the easement on your land.  We will keep you in the loop at all times and will always advocate for you and your land.

So if you get a condemnation letter, pick up the phone and call Braun & Gresham at (512) 894-5426.  It’ll be the best move you’ll make in the condemnation process.

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