Water Pipeline in Comal County

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Water Pipeline in Comal County

By Shane Neldner, Attorney & Counselor

Braun & Gresham has been following Texas Water Supply Company’s attempts to divide, conquer, and ultimately force landowners to sell their land to build a privately-owned water pipeline. TWSC, a private company, has partnered with South Comal Water Supply Corporation, another private company, to build the pipeline. To accomplish this, the companies are exercising the power of eminent domain to acquire the land. Traditionally, this power is reserved for governmental entities operating with the public good as their sole priority. But increasingly, the government is delegating this power to private companies with profit taking priority over the public good.

TWSC and SCWSC have proven to be evasive when asked for details on the pipeline, and have even entirely shut down communication with landowners who “dig too deep.” Frustrated, some affected landowners have banded together, hoping to pool their knowledge and resources so they can make an informed decision when TWSC or SCWSC comes calling. Community organizers reached out to Braun & Gresham for strategic help. In November, Braun & Gresham attorneys Patrick Reznik and Shane Neldner met with community organizers, and shared information on how the community might form a united front to get these predatory companies out of their community. See article below for more information (click here to enlarge).

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