Landowner Alert System 11-15-19

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Articles include:

Permian Highway Pipeline Project Tracking Map

Braun & Gresham is working closely with landowners potentially affected by the Permian Highway Pipeline to pinpoint the actual route Kinder Morgan will not provide. We are working to identify the precise route in order to create landowner coalitions for those affected. If you or a neighbor have been approached by a condemning authority and have information regarding the route, please give us a call at (512) 894-3479. View Braun & Gresham Tracking Map

The Long Battle to Stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

For months, locals and landowners have tried to stop the Permian Highway Pipeline, a piece of infrastructure connecting West Texas’ prolific oil fields to the state’s Gulf Coast refineries. But they’re running out of options… Area residents and local governments fear that if Kinder Morgan is successful in ramming its $2 billion pipeline project through the Hill Country, more pipelines will soon follow, creating a new industrial corridor right through the heart of the state’s porous hills of limestone and a part of Texas that has largely managed to avoid extraction infrastructure. Read more

Millions of Monarch Butterflies Killed on Texas Highways

Monarch butterflies are moving south through Texas on their annual autumn migration to overwintering sites in Central Mexico, but millions die in collisions with vehicles while flying low across Texas highways. Monarch numbers have declined about 82% over the last 23 years, and road mortality can significantly contribute to their dwindling numbers. The monarch butterfly, Texas’ state insect, was petitioned for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act in 2014. In response, many individuals, agencies and organizations, including Texas A&M’s Department of Entomology, have been working to understand why the monarch population is so diminished and find solutions. Read more

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Braun & Gresham offers the Landowner Alert System to help our clients and colleagues stay informed on issues affecting landowners and their land. This free e-mail service comes out once every two weeks and gives subscribers exclusive access to a range of information including announcements about important changes in the law, upcoming educational seminars, insightful blogs by our legal team, and other current articles related to Texas land and law. Anyone interested in land will benefit. Click here to receive LAS by email.

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