Landowner Alert System 1-24-20

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Articles include:

Will Texas Courts Enforce Liability Waivers Signed on Behalf of Minors?

For landowners who allow minor children to come onto their property and partake in activities like hunting, swimming, fishing, or riding ATVs, there is an interesting question that remains unanswered by the Texas Supreme Court: Are liability waivers signed by a parent on behalf of a minor child enforceable in Texas? The Texas Supreme Court has never directly addressed this issue.  There are however, a handful of lower court cases indicating these waivers may not be enforceable…  Read more

Kinder Morgan Mobilizes for Pipeline Construction in Central Texas

After more than a year of community meetings, negotiations, resolutions and legal action, Kinder Morgan is getting ready to begin construction on the Permian Highway Pipeline in Central Texas—at least if legal challenges do not stop it. The company is waiting for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to issue required permits. It is what happens with those permits that will most likely determine how soon Kinder Morgan can break ground… Read more

Ultrasonic Device Developed to Keep Bats Away from Windfarms

An energy company is taking steps to protect bats from windmills. Research shows hundreds of thousands are killed every year. Sarah Weaver, a biologist, is working with Duke Energy at a windfarm in Starr County. Weaver explained the idea of developing a device to give off an ultrasonic sound to deter bats from flying near wind turbines… Read more

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