Eminent Domain Webinars – Your Rights as a Landowner

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For Landowners Affected by the RM 620 TxDOT Project

Braun & Gresham organized a webinar to educate landowners affected by the RM 620 Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) project in Travis County.

This webinar provided an update on the RM 620 TxDOT project, outlined the process of eminent domain, and discussed your rights as a landowner. Eminent Domain Attorney Patrick Reznik answered questions regarding this process and the RM 620 project status.

Patrick Reznik
Attorney & Counselor
(512) 894-5426

The webinar was recorded and can be accessed by the link below. We ask that you please share with your friends and neighbors in the RM 620 community.

Link to Webinar Recording

If you have information regarding this project, or questions about your rights as a landowner affected by Eminent Domain please do not hesistate to contact us at info@braungresham.com or (512) 894-5426

For more information about Braun & Gresham’s Eminent Domain/Condemnation Services, visit: https://braungresham.com/condemnation/ 

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