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Eminent Domain:

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As the population grows, so does the need to transport oil and gas, sewage, electricity, water, and people across the state. To satisfy demand, Texas agencies, and some private companies, have been given the power to take privately-owned land for “public use.” The entity taking your land wants to get you out the door as quickly as it can, and to pay you as little as possible. However, you as the landowner have a right to a fair process that results in your getting full fair market value for your land. Braun & Gresham can help you navigate that process. Unlike many other condemnation firms that only advocate for more money for your land, we fight to protect your land, your privacy, and to get you more money.

Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Landowners

If you have ever been concerned about how much latitude an easement holder has on your property, the Supreme Court of Texas recently decided an important case that could affect landowners with certain types of easements on their property. Read more

Eminent Domain Webinars – Your Rights as a Landowner

Braun & Gresham has organized two webinars to educate landowners affected by the RM 620 TxDOT project in Travis County. These webinars will provide an update on the project status, will outline the process of eminent domain, and will discuss your rights as a landowner. Learn more

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Braun & Gresham attorneys are actively updated on cases that affect Texas landowners. The following articles have been highlighted as they relate to Eminent Domain and Property Rights in Texas.

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