Landowner Alert System 5-15-20

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Property Taxes:

“Ahhhh, the joys of a Texas Spring: blooming wildflowers, plentiful rain and property taxes!  Texas Landowners should be receiving their Notices of Appraised Value from their appraisal district this Spring.  Please make sure that you review the notice for any changes in market value or ag valuation. If your ag valuation is removed, you have thirty days to protest and protect your right to have the ag valuation re-instated.” 

Cassie Gresham, Principal, Attorney & Counselor

Analysis: Coronavirus could threaten local property tax limits

The coronavirus disaster could have a side effect in a seemingly unrelated area: New limits on increases in local property taxes can be suspended when disasters strike. And epidemics, under state law, are disasters. A law passed less than a year ago requires cities and counties… Read more

Coronavirus won’t trigger disaster exemptions for property taxes, Texas AG Ken Paxton says

After Hurricane Harvey, some Texas property owners got a break on their tax bills… While Gov. Greg Abbott declared all of Texas a disaster on March 13 due to the coronavirus health crisis, property owners affected by the virus-related shutdown will not receive similar relief… Read more


Estate Planning:

“If the only certainties in life are death and taxes, then smart estate planning should be a priority for all of us. Estate planning has four goals: Leave a legacy for family and heirs, plan for disability and assisted living, avoid probate and minimize taxes.” 

Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor

Giving More Than 60% Of Income To Charity? CARES Act Says Deduct It!

Very few people have the ability and desire to give more than half of their income to charity—but there are some. Under the CARES Act, donors can get a Federal income tax deduction for charitable contributions of up to 100% of their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)… Read more

The Importance of a Complete Will

I have never met a client who says they want their Will to distribute only a part of their estate, and then they want the family to figure out the rest through four years of costly litigation. That is exactly what happened to a Texas family in a case before the Fort Worth Court of Appeals… Read more


Water Rights:

“Historic droughts, fast growing populations and confusing laws have created a perfect storm affecting landowner water rights in Texas. Water availability, including ground and surface water, water rights and regulation by local, state and federal agencies are some of the issues landowners either face today or will in the future.” 

Patrick L. Reznik, Attorney & Counselor

Rural Relationships – Domestic & Livestock Use of Surface Water

With the amount of rain that has fallen in the past few months, many landowners are concerned about Domestic and Livestock use of surface water (“D&L Use”)… Read more

‘Mega-drought’ could be in store for Texas, western U.S.

The American West is well on its way into one of the worst mega-droughts on record, a new study warns, a dry period that could last for centuries and spread from Oregon and Montana, through the Four Corners… Read more


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