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Texas Eco Lab Program:

“The Texas Eco Lab Program is an alternative for landowners who want to reduce their taxes, but are not interested in grazing animals in order to obtain an open space valuation.  Landowners can host research on their property by a public or private college or university to establish a ‘history’ of use on their property.  Landowners can qualify for an Ecolab, which is similar to ag use, and allows a landowner to transfer to wildlife management after hosting six years of research.”

Cassie Gresham, Principal, Attorney & Counselor

An Overview of the Texas Ecolab Program

The Texas Ecolab Program is an alternative for landowners wishing to explore agricultural options but whose land is not conducive to Ag or timber production. The Ecolab program gives universities crucial access to private land for research opportunities… Read more

Coronavirus in Texas: Gov. Greg Abbott says cities and counties shouldn’t raise property taxes

Texas’ disaster declaration does not allow cities and counties to raise their tax rates beyond the state’s 3.5% cap without voter approval, Gov. Greg Abbott said in a Friday interview with KVUE, weighing into a political debate brewing between local and state officials… Read more


Estate Planning:

“Regardless of the size of your estate, what you own, or what your family circumstances may be, a comprehensive estate plan is an essential tool for everyone. It is a plan to guide loved ones during your life and at death; it does not just concern what happens to your assets when you pass away. Creating and maintaining your estate plan lets you show your love and concern for family, friends, and personal causes.” 

Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor

Young Adults & Families Need Estate Plans

It is understandably hard for a young couple to think about estate planning. They often believe that because they don’t have many assets dying without a Will isn’t a big deal.  To the contrary, it is a big deal. When someone dies without a Will, probate costs can be two-to-three times higher than probate with a Will… Read more

The Covid-19 Essential Estate Planning “Go Package”

An estate plan doesn’t do much good when key people don’t know about it or have access to key documents and information. That’s become more apparent during the pandemic as people suddenly become ill and incapacitated. Many times after someone falls ill or passes away, the family members go on a hunt… Read more


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