Landowner Alert System 6-16-20

Property Taxes:

“Appraisal districts are in the process of reviewing applications that have been submitted for 2020, and if you haven’t heard from them, I would give them a call. We are all learning to operate remotely and the appraisal districts are no exception. They are still adjusting, making it especially important to proactively communicate with them this summer. Be patient but persistent in making sure that your application is reviewed in a timely manner, and that you file a protest if your application is denied. In most years, the appraisal district will finish all of their protests by the end of July, so make sure that you are reaching out to your local appraisal district soon. If you need assistance with filing a protest, or have questions about a loss or denial of your open-space valuation, we can help.” 

Cassie Gresham, Principal, Attorney & Counselor

Braun & Gresham Success Story: Do the Right Thing

Brian and Kate Buck respect the land and play by the rules… Their management practices fulfilled all the requirements to qualify for a wildlife management appraisal, but the Travis County Appraisal District denied their application. The Bucks enlisted Braun & Gresham and took their case to court… Read more

Fact-check: Are Texans’ property taxes ‘no longer really dependent’ on values?

Citing economic concerns from the coronavirus pandemic, some local officials have asked state leadership to consider freezing property appraisals at their 2019 values to protect against a drastic increase in property taxes. During a May 24 television interview, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said the proposal is “a terrible idea”… Read more


Water Rights:

“The heat of the Texas Summer is upon us and our only relief seems to be water. Whether to take a dip in or drink from, this precious commodity is particularly important to landowners and their communities. As development inches further into the country, it’s time to consider creative solutions to preserve this resource and ensure it will be here for many summers to come.” 

Carly Barton, Attorney & Counselor

One Water – Blue Hole Primary School

While COVID-19 dominates headlines in 2020, groundwater protection efforts in the Texas Hill Country are set to realize a tremendous success story when the first One Water school in Texas officially opens its doors for classes this fall! Blue Hole Primary School will serve the growing Hill Country communities… Read more

Braun & Gresham Success Story: To Preserve & Protect – Pedernales Falls River Corridor

When looming development threatened an idyllic slice of the Texas Hill Country known as the Pedernales Falls River Corridor, a group of like-minded neighbors took action to preserve the rare riverside beauty, habitat and history of the corridor, not only for themselves, but for future generations… Read more


Eminent Domain / Condemnation:

“Condemnation, or the use of ’eminent domain’ authority by government and other entities, is the process used to acquire private property for ‘public use.’ Condemnation comes in many forms. The more common uses include new and expanded roads, transmission line easements, and pipeline easements for oil, gas, water and sewer. Private land is taken and is supposed to be devoted to public use for fair or adequate compensation. If your property is threatened, we can help. Our condemnation practice helps our clients: 1) to influence the route, when possible, and limit damages to their property; 2) to get the best possible compensation under the law; and 3) to negotiate easements and other necessary documents for the benefits of our clients.”

Patrick L. Reznik, Attorney & Counselor

Texas Railroad Commission Investigating Kinder Morgan for ‘Multiple’ Erosion Complaints

The Texas Railroad Commission says they are investigating multiple complaints related to work on the Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline. The railroad commission said the complaints are regarding erosion control, and spokesperson R.J. DeSilva says “our investigation of the complaints is to ensure Kinder Morgan is in compliance with those commission rules…” Read more

Kinder Morgan Crew Punctures Vista Ridge Water Pipeline

A crew working on an energy pipeline punctured the Vista Ridge water pipeline in Caldwell County Thursday [May 21, 2020] while digging in the area, said a San Antonio Water System official.  The crew members were working on the Permian Highway Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline for Kinder Morgan, a Houston energy infrastructure company. The Vista Ridge pipeline pumps in water to San Antonio… Read more


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