Landowner Alert System 8-11-20


Supported by a bipartisan effort in Congress, President Trump signed into law the Great American Outdoors Act on August 4, 2020. The Great American Outdoors Act accomplished two major conservation goals: (1) it permanently and fully funded the Land and Water Conservation Fund at the annual rate of $900M without any further appropriations for FY 2021 and each year thereafter, and (2) it established a National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund and allocated up to $1.9B per year over the next 5 years to deferred maintenance projects on federal open space lands. As a result of this law,  federal and state agencies will receive significant funding sources for the purchase of highly valuable conservation lands every year moving forward. If you are interested in learning more, Braun & Gresham is available to help you determine whether your land qualifies for these conservation funding sources.

Kathryn Tancig, Attorney & Counselor

WATCH: Trump signs Great American Outdoors Act

President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed into law legislation that will devote nearly $3 billion annually to conservation projects, outdoor recreation and maintenance of national parks and other public lands…


Trump Signs Conservation Bill that Pays for Parks’ Maintenance Backlog

The law establishes the National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund to carry out long-deferred maintenance projects on lands administered by the National Park Service, the Forest Service and other branches…



Pipelines in Texas:

Many landowners are concerned about the impacts of the new Kinder Morgan Permian Highway Pipeline on their groundwater. While construction of the 42” natural gas pipeline is not complete or in operation, several landowners have already complained about potential contamination of their groundwater. Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District recently published this notice to well owners.

Patrick L. Reznik, Attorney & Counselor

Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District Emergency Information for Well Owners

The Kinder Morgan Pipeline Company is constructing a large natural gas pipeline from west to east through central Hays County that will convey 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day from the Permian Basin to the Houston area. The pipeline will pass directly over terrain that is highly porous and vulnerable to surface contamination…



Risk Management:

In Texas, we value rural land and we value the landowners who enable guests to enjoy the legacy and natural beauty of that land. Several Texas laws provide additional protection to landowners who share their land with guests, but obtaining that protection requires taking affirmative steps such as informing visitors of the risks and having adequate insurance. Today’s article explains how landowners can claim the liability protection available to them. The laws providing landowners additional protection focus on visitors and other users of the land, like hunters. The second article about the Farm Liability Act, explains the limits of certain liability protections as to employees. At Braun & Gresham, we help landowners understand and develop strategies to protect their rural land.

Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor

Landowners Should Claim Their Rights Under Texas Laws that Limit Liability

Texas has several strong laws protecting landowners from law suits arising out of accidents on their land, but the protection is only valid if a landowner takes active steps to qualify for the limits on liability…


Texas Supreme Court Holds Farm Animal Liability Act Inapplicable to Ranchers & Ranch Hands

The Texas Supreme Court issued a divided opinion on a case involving the death of a ranch employee and determined the Farm Animal Liability Act does not apply to “ranchers and ranch hands”…


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