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Land Development:

Landowners who are interested in subdividing their land while still retaining the rural character of their property may have the option of maintaining an agricultural valuation on the property on the new lots  through the creation of a grazing association or a wildlife management property association (WMPA), a great value to potential buyers.  There are many considerations and county-specific requirements that go into the development of a WMPA or grazing association, so it’s important you speak with an experienced professional prior to filing a plat or selling any lots. Braun & Gresham can help. If you do not currently have an Ag valuation on your property and are interested in how that works, we can help you with that as well. Please call (512) 894-5426 or email to discuss your options.

Joanne Hatton, Attorney & Counselor

Property Tax Solutions for Developers: Grazing Associations & WMPAs

As the populations of many rural communities in Texas continue to grow, there is a movement to provide an alternative to the typical suburban-style neighborhood and to foster development that preserves the rural character of these expanding communities…


Wildlife Management as Agricultural Use for Property Tax Valuation in Texas

Many landowners who currently own property in Texas, or are considering the purchase of property in Texas, are not aware that managing for wildlife can qualify lands as OSL [Open Space Lands]. This publication discusses some of the requirements…




Texans are passionate about land – wide open, big land. It’s not surprising; Texas land is our abundant natural and historical heritage. But, urban sprawl is leading to an increasingly fragmented Texas, making the conservation of land more important than ever. If you are a landowner interested in learning about how a conservation easement can protect your land, and our state’s heritage, we encourage you to attend Hill Country Alliance’s Online Workshop on October 2nd. If you are interested in discussing your conservation options with an experienced Braun & Gresham attorney, contact (512)894-5426 or email

Kathryn Tancig, Attorney & Counselor

Hill Country Land Conservation Online Workshop by Hill Country Alliance

Join Hill Country Alliance and numerous partners for an online workshop on Hill County Land Conservation. Tune in to learn from regional experts on land stewardship tools and financial resources, conservation easements, and what to expect in terms of eminent domain and other rural landowner issues in the upcoming legislative session….


How the Great American Outdoors Act can Impact Texas

The Great American Outdoors Act became the most significant piece of outdoors-related legislation in a generation last month when President Donald Trump signed the bill into law. The president referred to HR 1957 as “truly landmark legislation that will preserve America’s majestic natural wonders, priceless historic treasures…”



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