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Property Tax:

Texas property owners should receive their 2020 tax bills in the mail soon. It is very important that you review your tax bill to make sure that it accurately reflects the market value of your property and that your agricultural valuation is in place. While the protest deadline has passed, you might recognize errors that should be corrected. Also, don’t forget that your taxes are due by January 31, 2021. If you are thinking about converting to wildlife management in 2021, this fall is the perfect time to start on your wildlife management plan. If you start early, you will be ready to file your application in early 2021. As always, we are here to help with any property tax questions or issues – please call (512) 894-5426 or email

Cassie Gresham, Principal, Attorney & Counselor

How to Read Your Property Tax Bill

Most landowners can expect to receive their property tax bills in October every year. It is too late to protest your values, but before you pay the bill, I would advise you to check and make sure that it accurately reflects the taxes that you owe. This blog provides a suggested checklist of items you should review on your property tax bill…


Attention Brazos County Property Owners; Your Bill is Coming

For over 117,000 property owners in Brazos County, 2020 property tax bills are on their way. Starting Wednesday, October 14, thousands of bills will be mailed out to property owners throughout the county, so check your mail boxes…


Texas Local Property Tax: Path of Property Tax Dollars

The Texas local property tax is just that — a local tax, assessed locally, collected locally and used locally. More than 3,700 local governments in Texas — school districts, cities, counties and various special districts collect and spend….



Stewardship Funding:

The Hill Country Headwaters Conservation Initiative (HCHCI), a program of Hill Country Conservancy, the Texas Hill Country Conservation Network and 18 partner organizations, is now accepting pre-applications from landowners located within specified critical river basins, for stewardship projects aimed at enhancing soil cover, water quality, and native biodiversity. If your property is located within these critical river basins, HCHCI is accepting pre-applications now through October 30, 2020, to be considered for financial assistance. Supported practices include riparian habitat enhancement, brush management, grasslands, tree planting, prescribed fire, planned grazing, fencing of sensitive areas, and irrigation efficiency improvements.

Submit a Pre-Application for The Hill Country Headwaters Conservation Initiative

A The HCHCI is awarding projects using objectives and approaches that are specific to the property being managed. Applications that demonstrate learning from past successes and failures will be prioritized…


Landowner Success with The Hill Country Headwaters Conservation Initiative

Two Mason County ranchers recently shared their stories about utilizing the Hill Country Headwaters Conservation Initiative, funded by the Regional Conservation Partnership Program, to achieve their stewardship goals…



TREAD Coalition

The Texas Real Estate Advocacy & Defense (TREAD) Coalition is a bipartisan, member-based advocacy association that advocates for and defends Texas landowner rights on the state and local levels. TREAD has organized a webinar series, TREAD Talks, to educate landowners on a myriad of topics that affect them – including eminent domain reform and water rights — to provide them with helpful resources, information on land stewardship and ways to get involved. TREAD partners with other advocacy groups at the state and local level, field experts and those knowledgeable about land in Texas to share their information and insight. For more information about TREAD Coalition or TREAD Talks, contact (512) 523-5565 or

TREAD Talk – Water

You are invited to join a TREAD Talk on Oct. 29th at 6PM, co-presented with the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, for a discussion on land and water. Panelist Char Miller will talk about the history of land and water in Central Texas and the impacts of growth in our region, followed by Hugh Fitzsimons who will discuss…


TREAD Talk – Eminent Domain Reform

You are invited to join a TREAD Talk on Nov. 9th at 5:30PM, discussing eminent domain reform. Panelists will provide an overview of the history and background of eminent domain in Texas, and discuss ways that landowners can work together with industry to find solutions and be partners in the process…



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