Landowner Alert System 2-2-21

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Estate Planning:

Estate planning is especially important for owners of rural land. Passing rural land to family members requires careful consideration of who may want the land, how to make similar gifts to those who may not be interested in your land, and how to develop a structure in which multiple owners can share the land with minimal conflict. Estate planning also includes taking steps to protect assets during your life. In January, I gave a short webinar regarding three key considerations for estate planning with owners of rural land. That 15-minute presentation is included in today’s resources. I encourage you to take a moment to view the video. Also included is an article identifying 5 reasons it is important to have a comprehensive estate plan. At Braun & Gresham we strive to assist owners of rural land in protecting their assets and planning for the future. Please contact me at (512) 894-5426, or [email protected], if you want more information about estate planning.

– Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor

Estate Planning Basics Webinar Presented by Margaret Menicucci

On January 26th, 2021, Margaret Menicucci provided an Estate Planning Basics webinar for landowners. This webinar highlights the 3 common challenges landowners face: protection against exploitation, leaving a legacy, and keeping up with changes in the law. It also identifies basic estate planning documents you should consider when meeting with an advisor… WATCH RECORDING

5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

An estate plan allows you to direct how your investments, personal property, and real property are given to the people or organizations you care about. It arranges your affairs, designates your personal representatives, and leaves a written record of your wishes and intentions. Here are five major reasons why estate planning is important, and how it benefits you and your survivors… READ MORE


Introduction to Plateau Land Group:

Braun & Gresham’s sister company, Plateau Land Group, has restructed in 2021 to better serve our landowners. No longer a traditional real estate company, Plateau Land Group now offers advising services for landowners looking to buy or sell rural real estate. They will connect you with the top broker in your county, while continuing to support you in the relationship with your broker. To learn more about this restructure, see our latest blog below or visit

Rural Real Estate Reborn

As we enter 2021, Plateau Land Group has transformed itself to better serve our rural landowners in the buying and selling of their property. Today, instead of competing with traditional brokers, we’ve adapted by offering advisor solutions that help our landowners select the right broker with specific expertise… READ MORE


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