Landowner Alert System 3-24-21

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Landowner 101 Webinar Series:

Braun & Gresham has organized a free webinar series for landowners covering important laws and legal considerations for landowners. Join our attorneys to hear about topics such as property tax considerations, estate planning, tools for conserving your land, and more. For more information or questions, call (512) 894-5426 or email



Estate Planning:

When you set up a financial account, such as an IRA, an investment account, or even a bank account, the institution holding those assets will direct you to designate the beneficiary of the account upon your death.  Often, the designation is made and then forgotten.  Relationships change, and if you haven’t updated your beneficiary designations, the assets may pass at your death in a way you no longer desire. Understanding the role of beneficiary designations is your estate plan and reviewing them periodically can protect your plans for your estate. For questions or more information, please contact me at (512) 894-5426 or

– Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor

Have You Checked Your Beneficiary Designations & Account Details?

Critical to a successful estate plan is reviewing beneficiary designations and account signatory cards/creation documents to ensure these are up to date and that the account holder understands the effect of these designations at death. Although less commonly discussed as part of estate planning curriculum, these simple steps are extremely important to ensure one’s wishes are carried out… READ MORE


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Braun & Gresham offers the Landowner Alert System to help our clients and colleagues stay informed on issues affecting landowners and their land. This free e-mail service comes out once every two weeks and gives subscribers exclusive access to a range of information including announcements about important changes in the law, upcoming educational seminars, insightful blogs by our legal team, and other current articles related to Texas land and law. Anyone interested in land will benefit.

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