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Houston-to-Dallas Bullet Train:

Now that the court has ruled Texas Central is a railroad and does have eminent domain authority, we expect they will move fast to start buying up the land needed for the project. If you’re an affected landowner, know your rights. We suggest you strongly consider retaining counsel to represent you in the process and you should feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss. Please contact me at (512) 894-5426 or [email protected] for more information or to discuss your rights.

– Chris Bell, Attorney & Counselor

Texas Supreme Court Sides with Bullet Train Backers, Clearing Way for Use of Eminent Domain for Land

Texas Central Railroad, according to the Texas Supreme Court, is a railroad, ending a five-year legal battle over the controversial high-speed rail company’s right to use state eminent domain laws. The ruling, unless a federal court intervenes or stops the company in another way, clears the path for backers of the Houston-to-Dallas bullet train to acquire land over the objections of landowners unwilling to sell… READ MORE

TREAD Coalition Advocates for and Defends Texas Landowner Rights on the State and Local Levels

The Texas Real Estate & Advocacy Defense Coalition (TREAD) is closely monitoring the Houston-to-Dallas bullet train project. Eminent domain and eminent domain reform are issues that remain at the forefront of TREAD’s advocacy efforts. For more information on TREAD’s stance regarding eminent domain, visit their website. Also, consider becoming a member for invitations to webinars and special events regarding this issue… BECOME A TREAD MEMBER


Rural Real Estate:

A Health Hazard Consideration When Buying & Selling Property

Many people in Texas dream of owning a ranch for hunting or having a secluded place to get away for the weekend. Whatever your reason for buying land, you never want to find out that there is a serious potential health hazard on the land you just bought. Unfortunately, this is what happened to one of our clients. After purchasing the property, the client found out that Anthrax was recently present in the area… READ MORE


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