Landowner Alert System 6-3-21

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Kinder Morgan Pipeline:

The Texas Real Estate Advocacy & Defense Coalition (TREAD) has been fighting to educate and protect landowners in the Hill Country, especially against the Kinder Morgan pipeline. This week’s LAS features a story about landowners who have been adversely affected. Join TREAD today to help protect Texas landowner rights:

– Cassie Gresham, Attorney & Counselor

A Year After Kinder Morgan Pipeline Spill, Hill Country Residents Still Surviving on Bottled Water

Randy Hill and Becky Taylor are so passionate about sunrises they built a second-story viewing room facing east so they could soak them in, one glorious Hill Country morning at a time…  But their dreams of riding off into the sunrises of Blanco County were shattered last year when pipeline giant Kinder Morgan spilled tens of thousand of gallons of drilling fluid leaving a giant question mark hanging over their future and their property values… READ MORE

TREAD Advocates for an Oil & Gas Pipeline Routing Process that Protects Private Property Rights

In Texas, oil and gas companies choose intrastate pipeline routes with no oversight from the public, elected officials or regulatory body. The Texas Real Estate Advocacy & Defense Coalition (TREAD) understands the importance of the oil & gas industry in Texas and the urgency around getting product to the market. However, we need a process that balances the industry with private property rights, local economies, public safety and natural resources… LEARN MORE ABOUT TREAD


Property Easements:

Here at Braun & Gresham, we constantly advise our clients, and potential clients, to have a legal review all recorded easements before they purchase a piece of property. Express, recorded easements contain contractual terms that can be enforced by the dominant or servient owners. The meaning of these “terms” are often in dispute. Tiffany Lashmet’s article discussing adding gates on “free and uninterrupted” access easements is a good history of court decisions and the importance of understanding the easement terms before buying or acting in possible violation of those terms. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact me at (512) 894-5426 or

– Patrick L. Reznik, Attorney & Counselor

Questions from Tiffany’s Desk: Can a Landowner Place a Gate Across a “Free and Uninterrupted” Easement?

Landowners need to ensure that all easements are in writing and recorded in the deed records… Not doing so oftentimes leads to significant issues down the road, particularly once property has changed hands. To ensure that all parties understand and are bound by the purpose, scope, and limitations on an easement, putting it in writing and having it recorded is critical… READ MORE


Landowner 101 Webinar Series:

Check back in July for more webinars in Braun & Gresham’s Landowner 101 Webinar Series. To watch a past recording visit:

Tools to Limit Your Risk & Protect Your Land

As friends, family, and other guests enjoy land for recreational activities such as hunting, swimming, and off-road adventures, landowners could be putting themselves and their property at risk. During this webinar Braun & Gresham Attorneys, David Braun and Joanne Hatton, discuss risk management tools for owners of rural land… WATCH RECORDING


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