Landowner Alert System 8-3-21

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Wildlife Conservation:

Texas is home to amazing wildlife diversity and most of that wildlife lives on private land. Congress is considering major new funding that would include funding for conservation on private land. Some of our congressional representatives in Texas are already supporting the bill. If you think you or your family would benefit from this program, feel free to call us for more information and consider letting your representative know that you support the program.

– David Braun, Attorney & Counselor

Congress Looks at $1.4B for Wildlife Conservation – How Texas Would Benefit

During the pandemic, Texans headed to nature preserves in record numbers, with more people visiting parks, hunting, fishing and boating then ever before. Now, Congress is considering the “Recovering America’s Wildlife Act” to support wildlife conservation efforts. H.R. 2773 would provide $1.4 billion to state and tribal wildlife conservation initiatives to support at-risk wildlife populations and their habitats… READ MORE


Legislative Session Recap:

When the Texas Legislative Session ends, the changes begin for landowners across the state. Important bills signed by the governor cover topics such as condemnation, property taxes, groundwater conservation, and rural broadband. All of these bills impact the rights and properties of Texas landowners. Braun & Gresham can help you navigate the ever-changing, challenging legal landscape. Schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys by contacting us at (512) 894-5426 or

– Carly Barton, Attorney & Counselor

2021 Texas Legislative Recap – Key Bills for Agriculture

As we do after every Texas Legislative Session, we’re here with a recap of the 87th Texas Legislature and the bills impacting agriculture.  As you will see, it was a busy session with a number of ag-related bills being passed.  We have linked each bill below to allow easy access to the full text… READ MORE


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