Landowner Alert System 9-28-21

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Neighbor Disputes:

Disputes between neighbors, whether they involve adjoining property owners or complaints about a neighboring business entity, can be uncomfortable situations to address. Though it may be awkward, a simple first step I encourage landowners to take is to try and engage with their neighbors before getting lawyers involved. A little communication can go a long way. However, when disputes between neighbors escalate, like in the case below regarding a nuisance verdict against a chicken farm in Henderson County, consulting with an attorney may be your best course of action. Our goal is to make sure you know your rights and that the enjoyment of your land is protected. In the webinar below, I provide some creative ways to deal with neighbor disputes. But if you have other questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at (512) 894-5426 or [email protected].

– Chris Bell, Attorney & Counselor

Tyler Court of Appeals Affirms Nuisance Verdict, Permanent Injunction Against Chicken Farm

The Tyler Court of appeals recently affirmed a nuisance verdict and resulting permanent injunction against an East Texas poultry farm. This case is an important reminder of the conflict that can raise between agricultural production facilities and neighbors… LEARN MORE

Braun & Gresham Webinar: Creative Ways to Deal with Neighbor Disputes

Attorney and Counselor, Chris Bell, discusses creative ways to deal with neighbor disputes. Chris covers a range of neighbor disputes that can arise, whether with a fellow landowner or neighboring business, and offers considerations and suggestions for resolution… WATCH RECORDING


You’re invited to a free Wildlife Management Webinar Series! Braun & Gresham’s sister company, Plateau Land & Wildlife Management, is hosting virtual webinars this fall for landowners who want to learn about their property tax options. These webinars will benefit anyone who is currently in Ag or Timber, looking to explore different property tax solutions; or landowners currently in Wildlife Management that have questions about activities and their county requirements. For more information or questions, call (512) 894-3479 or email [email protected].



Hunting Leases:

If you are a landowner with a hunting lease on your property, I suggest you review Tiffany Lashmet’s blog below which provides great resources to protect yourself and your land. Based on my 17 years of experience working with landowners, I can attest that Lashmet’s advice is sound and you should consider crafting a written, rather than verbal, lease with hunters on your property. By putting your agreements in writing and clearly defining both your, and the hunter’s, goals and expectations, you can avoid a lot of headaches and potential issues. For questions or more information, please give me a call at (512) 894-5426 or email [email protected].

– Cassie Gresham, Attorney & Counselor

Hunting Lease Resources

We’ve got a variety of resources–many free–that offer great information for landowners interested in allowing others to hunt on their land.  I thought it might be useful to write a post just outlining and providing links to those various resources in one place… LEARN MORE


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