Landowner Alert System 11-23-21

Houston to Dallas High-Speed Train:

Here at Braun & Gresham, we are closely monitoring the Houston to Dallas High-Speed Train project and providing updates on our website project page. If you’re an affected landowner, it’s important you know your rights. We suggest you strongly consider retaining counsel to represent you in the process and you should feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss. Please contact me at (512) 894-5426 or [email protected] for more information or to discuss your rights.

– Chris Bell, Attorney & Counselor

Texas Central Seeking Federal Funds to Jumpstart the Texas Bullet Train Project

Way back when Texas Central was first formulating its plans to construct a highspeed rail line that would tote passengers between Houston and Dallas in just 90 minutes, company officials made vague, broad promises that they would not be seeking any federal funding to construct the Shinkansen railway. However, that’s a claim that Texas Central folks have steadily moved away from over the past decade as the company has managed to obtain regulatory permits and backing that have inched the project ever closer toward becoming a reality… READ MORE


Conservation Easements:

In Texas 95% of public lands are privately owned. As the population of the state continues to grow, so does the amount of residential development and price of land. Often overlooked is the value that conservation lands add in ecosystem services. Texas A&M Natural Resources Institute (NRI) has created a dashboard that will calculate an average value per acre in each county of 13 ecosystem services. This will help the state and private landowners value the conservation of their properties. If you are interested in learning more about how you can conserve your property and what benefits are available, schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys by contacting us at (512)894-5426 or [email protected].

– Natalie Cavellier, Attorney & Counselor

Return on Investment: How Putting a Dollar Figure on the Value of Conserved Lands can Help Save More of Them

Written by Marina Schauffler, the article Return on Investment: How putting a dollar figure on the value of conserved lands can help save more of them features a collaboration between NRI, Texas Agricultural Land Trust (TALT) and the Texas Land Trust Council (TLTC) to produce a study estimating the value of three key ecosystem services—water, wildlife and agricultural production—on conservation easement properties in Texas… READ MORE


Property Easements:

Texas landowners do not have an absolute right to access their land even if it is landlocked. This recent case, in Tiffany Lashmet’s article below, explains the difference between express and implied easements. When buying a property, knowing the difference is critical. If you are faced with a land-locked property, we can help. For questions or more information, please contact me at (512) 894-5426 or [email protected].

– Patrick L. Reznik, Attorney & Counselor

Case Addresses Easement Access for Landlocked Parcel

The issue of accessing landlocked property in Texas is one on which I get calls at least once a week.  There is a lot of misinformation out there about accessing landlocked property.  A recent case from the Ft. Worth Court of Appeals looked at whether the owner of one parcel had the right to cross two adjacent parcels to reach a public road… READ MORE


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