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Property Tax:

There are many important dates and considerations you should keep in mind as it relates to property taxes. All exemption and special appraisal filings for Ag, Wildlife and Timber are due by April 30th. It is very important that you meet this date to ensure you avoid unnecessary fees or loss of exemptions. Below, I have outlined some more common property tax pitfalls you will want to avoid. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or (512)894-5426.

– Cassie Gresham, Attorney & Counselor

Avoiding Common Property Tax Pitfalls

My work on behalf of landowners often involves helping them fix a problem or get out of a bind with their local appraisal district. Through the years, I have seen some common mistakes that can lead to big problems…

Don’t Risk Losing Your Low Property Taxes

If you purchased a property with an open space valuation (ag exemption) in 2021, you must file an application before April 30, 2022, to maintain your exemption.

To complete this filing, submit a new 1-D-1 application to your county appraisal district. If you do not file, you risk losing your low property taxes.

Need help? Braun & Gresham’s sister company, Plateau Land & Wildlife Management is here to guide new landowners through maintaining their property’s ag or wildlife exemption. If you have any questions or would like assistance filing, contact Plateau at (512)894-3479.

Estate Planning:

You may already know that under Texas law you can write your own will without the help of an attorney, but should you? A Texas court denied a handwritten will because it failed to meet the Texas legal requirements. It can be tricky completing your will on your own because those requirements are very different depending on whether a will is handwritten or typed. What’s more, there are tools available to you to have your will witnessed in advance, potentially saving time and hassle for your executor when the time comes to probate your will. This case and accompanying article make the almost-certain point that “[t]he amount of money a person spends getting a will drafted will be a fraction of the amount of money it takes to litigate any type of will contest.”

If you’re thinking about a will, or if you have already drafted your own, Braun & Gresham can help make sure it withstands a future contest. Email [email protected] or call (512)894-5426 to discuss your will.

– Erin Chesser, Attorney & Counselor

Case Outlines Texas Requirements for Executing Valid Will

An opinion from the Corpus Christi Court of Appeals last year is a great review of the legal requirements to execute a valid will in Texas. Pedro Vera passed away in August 2018. In October 2018, his former neighbor, Mr. Sanchez, filed an application for probate of Mr. Vera’s holographic (handwritten) will…

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