Landowner Alert System 3-3-22

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Estate Planning:

As an estate planning attorney with Braun & Gresham, I assist my clients in planning for the transfer and management of their assets in transition between generations. While a good estate plan always starts with clearly outlining the distribution of assets for a smooth transition process, it rarely ends there. I’m equally passionate about working with families to ensure the ongoing management of the plan continues their legacy, long after the original estate plan has been executed.

Assets and families are complex, and my experience allows me to bring a variety of legal solutions to the table to create the best solution. For more information about my estate planning services, please contact me at (512) 894-5426 or [email protected].

– Erin Chesser, Attorney & Counselor

Stress Test Your Estate Plan

A great plan is only as good as its execution. In most cases we don’t begin to truly see the execution of an estate plan until after a person passes away. Most people think of the execution of an estate plan as being the collection of assets, payment of debts, and distribution of gifts, but the execution starts long before death, and in the best of cases may start before the ink is even dry on the estate planning documents, themselves…

Barton Elected as New Hays County Bar President

Carly Barton, Braun & Gresham attorney and counselor, has been elected as the Hays County Bar Association’s president for 2022. A member of the Association since 2018, Barton will act as the spokesperson for the legal community in Hays County and assist with the organization’s monthly meetings, along with educational and community service events hosted for and by members.

The Hays County Bar Association is a nonprofit professional organization of attorneys in the Hays County area…

Free Wildlife Exemption Webinar Series

Interested in switching from traditional Ag to Wildlife Management? Get all of your Wildlife Management questions answered during Plateau’s FREE webinar and live Q&A. Listen along from your computer as Plateau’s experts cover a variety of land ownership, wildlife management, and Texas ag exemption topics.

Webinar: Property Tax Options for Landowners

Learn about your property tax options, and if Wildlife Management is right for you! Join Plateau’s live webinar Thursday, March 3, from 6:00-7:00pm to learn about the Wildlife Management law and requirements, and how to qualify. Plus, don’t miss the Early Bird Special! Join from 5:45-6:00pm for a special presentation, “Access to Your Property is Not Guaranteed,” presented by Braun & Gresham attorney and counselor, Carly Barton.

Webinar: Converting to Wildlife Management Q&A

Join Plateau’s panel of experts Tuesday, March 8, from 6:00-7:00pm and get answers to your questions about making the switch, filing deadlines, requirements for activities and record-keeping, and more. Submit your questions during the LIVE Q&A and receive answers from Wildlife Exemption Specialists and Property Tax Consultants, who hold over 20 years of experience working with landowners making the switch from Ag or Timber to Wildlife.

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