Landowner Alert System 2-16-23

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Agricultural & Recreational Leases:

Leasing your property for agricultural or recreational purposes can offer landowners important tax benefits or additional income streams. If you are considering leasing your property, or maybe you already are, get a well drafted lease. It’s never too late. A written lease isn’t just a good idea; it’s a necessity! I’m not talking about a form you downloaded from google, but a personalized enforceable legal document that protects the unique features and facts of your property. There are many issues that you probably haven’t ever thought of. Failing to take account of them, in writing, is how you plant seeds for dispute.  In Tiffany Lashmet’s article below, she provides an example of the type of dispute that can arise from a simple verbal agreement.

If you have questions or need help crafting your written lease agreement, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (512) 894-5426.

– Eric Gomez, Attorney & Counselor

Case Illustrates Importance of Farm Leases Being in Writing

We have another reminder of the importance of putting agricultural leases in writing.  This one comes from the Texarkana Court of Appeals in Coniglio v. Woods…

Hunting Leases: Why Booze, Bullets, & Bucks Don’t Mix

Braun & Gresham Attorney & Counselor, Eric Gomez provides considerations for hunting lease properties during this pre-recorded webinar for landowners…

Landowner Events & Webinars:

Learn More & Register for Plateau’s Free Wildlife Exemption Webinar Series

Connect with experts and learn how to make the switch to a Wildlife Management Exemption by joining Plateau Land & Wildlife Management’s 2023 Webinar Series. Listen along from your computer as Plateau experts cover a variety of land ownership, wildlife management, and Texas ag exemption topics…

Owning Your Piece of Texas & Ranchers Leasing Workshops Back for 2023

Save the dates for award-winning Texas A&M AgriLife workshops. Coming to Dripping Springs on April 14, attend the Owning Your Piece of Texas workshop and listen to Braun & Gresham Attorney Carly Barton talk about water law and your rights as a landowner. See other dates and locations by following the link below…

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