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The Rio Bravo Pipeline is a proposed project by Enbridge of two 42-inch pipelines that span 137.3 miles from the Agua Dulce hub to the port of Brownsville.

Project Details

The construction of both pipelines will require a total right-of-way (ROW) width of 125 feet – 75 feet for each pipeline, with 25 feet in between the two. Normal operating pressure of each pipeline will be approximately 1,350 pounds per square inch (psi) with maximum allowable pressure of 1,480 psi.

B&G Update

Disclaimer: All information provided about the impacted properties in Braun & Gresham’s project tracking map is gathered from local tax roles and is public information. The accuracy of the data is contingent on the information those local tax roles have produced.

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The red line on Braun & Gresham’s project tracking map shows the proposed route for the Rio Bravo pipeline. The orange buffer shows the suggested distance a person would need to be from a pipeline to avoid injury in the event of an explosion, commonly referred to as the “evacuation zone.”

Our interactive map allows landowners to search for their property and identify if and how they are impacted. If you have been approached by a condemning authority, please do not sign anything without representation.


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