The proposed system will provide opportunity for significant flood reduction for areas of Hidalgo County, as well as the City of Raymondville and Willacy County. In fact, the Raymondville Drain Project is proposed to ultimately follow the alignment of an existing channel that is owned by Delta Lake Irrigation District (DLID) through the eastern portion of Hidalgo County and all of Willacy County. Coordination is on-going with DLID to ensure their concerns and issues are addressed, as well as their input, to ultimately culminate into an inter-local agreement between HCDD No. 1 and DLID regarding the maintenance and operations of the project once constructed.

The project was ranked as the No. 1 project for the 2012 Lower Rio Grande Valley Regional Drainage Plan. This plan is one-of-a-kind, having brought 4 counties and representatives from over 212 entities together over a 2-year period to develop a regional storm water management plan, ranking and voting on needed projects for the area. Out of 211 projects with estimated total construction cost $1.2 Billion, the Raymondville Drain project ranked No. 1 in the large project category.

The project is currently under final planning stage, anticipating environmental approvals towards the end of 2018. Some portions of the project have been constructed across US 281. Due to recent rain events, HCDD No. 1 has instructed the Engineers to expedite an interim design for construction of the portion of Raymondville Drain from Edinburg Lake to approximately ½ mile north (Segment 1), which will allow for more efficient drainage of the Faysville area in Hidalgo County. Final design of the majority of the Hidalgo County new channel portion is also on-going and anticipated to be completed by 2018. Other on-going activities include, but are not limited to resource agency/government entity coordination, geotechnical investigations, final analysis/ design of hydrology and hydraulics, structure design (bridges, culverts, control structures), utility coordination, as well as final right-of-way determination and acquisition.

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