West Harris County Regional Water Authority (WHCRWA) and North Fort Bend Water Authority (NFBWA) have partnered on the “Surface Water Supply Project” to design and construct over 55 miles of water line and two large pump stations to supply treated surface water to west Harris County and north Fort Bend County residents.

Currently, in the summer of 2021, design for the entire Surface Water Supply Project is nearing completion. Construction of the project is anticipated to take place from 2020 to 2025 and will be completed in segments.

Segment A (A1 & A2) Project Details:

  • Affected Texas County: Harris County
  • Segment length: 10.7 miles
  • Water line diameter: 96-inch-diameter pipeline
  • Proposed Timeline –
    • Design: Summer 2021
    • Bid: Early 2022
    • Construction: Summer 2022 – Winter 2024

Project Updates:

Braun & Gresham is working with local landowners in your area, and we have recently learned that WHCRWA and NFBWA are acquiring the land needed to construct the water line. State law requires just compensation to be paid for the taking of your land. Any offer should be nothing less than full market value.

Are you an impacted landowner?

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The Braun & Gresham Condemnation Team:

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At Braun & Gresham, our attorneys can help you before, during, and after the taking of your land. We will advise you on the best course of action and not only help you get full market value, but also help you protect the aspects you love most.

For more information about the project, or to learn about your rights in the condemnation process, please contact us at info@braungresham.com or (512) 883-7808.

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