The SH 68 project is described in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) and the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) as a four-lane divided rural highway facility with future main lanes and overpasses from US 83/I-2 to US 281/IH 69C for a total project length of approximately 22 miles.

The purpose of the project is to improve north/south mobility, increase travel capacity for local and regional traffic and provide an alternate north-south evacuation route during emergency events.

Proposed Improvements

The proposed project would construct SH 68, a new north-south highway consisting of two northbound and two southbound frontage roads with future mainlanes and overpasses extending from I-2/US 83 to I-69C/US 281.

The total length of the proposed project would require approximately 1,100 acres of right-of-way (ROW). The proposed project would be constructed in a 350-foot typical right-of way (ROW) width, with up to 400 feet of ROW needed at proposed grade separations. The proposed project would displace an estimated 102 residences and eight businesses.

Proposed Timeline

A final environmental impact statement is anticipated by the end of Fall 2020. A final decision on the conduct of these studies is anticipated by end of 2020 when a Record of Decision will be rendered for the SH 68 project. If the project is approved for further development, right of way purchase could begin in Early 2021 for Phase 1 project.

Map of Alternative Routes
TxDOT 1/3/17 Public Meeting Page
TxDOT Full Project Fact Sheet

Texas has been aggressively acquiring private land through condemnation for transportation projects across the state to accommodate the needs of a growing population. If you have been contacted by TxDOT or any of their representatives, please contact us immediately. The important thing to remember is that even if you’ve received a letter in the mail from a condemnation entity informing you of their intentions, this does not mean that it’s a done deal. There are many ways to influence the condemnation process to ensure that your wants and needs are met, but it’s important that you involve knowledgeable professionals that can help guide you through the process.

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