Project overview map provided by Texas Central.

Texas Central Railway’s proposed “Texas High-Speed Train” project is an approximate 240-mile long high-speed rail that would span from Houston to Dallas. Texas Central plans to base the design for the rail on the N700 Series Shinkansen by Central Japan Railway Company. Current estimates for construction of track between Dallas and Houston is approximately $16 billion, and Texas Central has committed to constructing and operating the proposed system without public funding.

Project Details:

  • Affected Texas Counties: Harris, Waller, Grimes, Madison, Leon, Limestone, Freestone, Navarro, Ellis, Dallas
  • Train Speed: Up to 200mph
  • Proposed Timeline:
    • 2026: Train is in operation
    • 2025: Testing period
    • 2021/2022: Proposed construction start (construction is anticipated to take 5 to 6 years)
    • 2020: Federal approvals (EIS and RPA)
    • October 2019: Business and Workforce Opportunity Policy announced

In the News:

October 15, 2021: Reversing course, Texas Supreme Court grants rehearing for high-speed rail eminent domain case

August 5, 2021: Group of Texas lawmakers seek motion for Texas Supreme Court to rehear high-speed rail eminent domain case

June 22, 2021: Texas Central says path is clear to develop high-speed rail after SCOTX decision

June 18, 2021: Texas Supreme Court Sides with Bullet Train Backers, Clearing Way for Use of Eminent Domain for Land

May 21, 2021: Local, state officials continue to advocate against high-speed rail as Texas Central moves forward

April 15, 2021: Six Brazos Valley counties join federal lawsuit to stop proposed Texas high speed rail project

March 30, 2021: Lawmakers hold hearings on Texas high-speed rail legislation

November 18, 2020: More than eight years in, Texas high-speed rail company still lacks permits to build Dallas-to-Houston route

September 21, 2020: High-speed train between Dallas and Houston gets federal approval

April 8, 2020: State lawmakers ask Department of Transportation to drop high-speed rail project

December 6, 2019: High-Speed Railway Project Gains Partner

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