The Recreational Use Statute (as outlined in #2) provides caps on recoveries for acts or omissions caused by an owner, lessee or occupant on agricultural land when used for recreational purposes, when the injury relates to the property conditions. As a result, we include a review of policy levels and key terms for liability insurance for our clients when we conduct a risk management review. This review includes policies held by the client as well as their lessees and occupants.

For an additional fee, we partner with insurance specialists to conduct a more comprehensive insurance review that identifies deficiencies related to life , property , business , and disability insurance, and makes recommendations to address deficiencies. The service may include the negotiation of policy terms, solicitation of select bids for insurance coverage, and the implementation of selected policies and practices.

The Texas Property Code allows homeowners to designate their homesteads to protect them from a forced sale to satisfy creditors. This law does not, however, protect the homeowner from tax foreclosure sales of their homes for delinquent taxes. Our risk management review includes an assessment of homestead protections from both a property tax and a creditor protection standpoint to ensure that the client is fully availing themselves of all the special allowances afforded to them under Texas law.

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