As the demand for water, oil and gas, and the land itself grows, owners of rural land face a growing roster of rules and regulations. Whether the issue is taxes, condemnation, or conservation, the law can sometimes be unfair and the only way to make things right is at the legislative level. Braun & Gresham, PLLC. knows how the system works and, as experienced, coalition-building advocates for issues that affect owners of rural land, has successfully stopped bad law, as well as helped create good law.

Joe Boerschig

“…what and undertaking it is when you get down to the legislative nitty-gritty. You need a solid team in there with you; professionals with perseverance; and that’s what Braun was for me. They got it done.”

Joe Boerschig
Texas Ranch Owner

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It was a rude awakening one morning for ranch owner John Boerschig to find that Presidio County had posted a notice on his ranch gate informing him that a process called ‘Jury of View’ was being initiated to determine whether the county was going to make the road to his ranch a public road. Click here to read the full story on how it took professionals and perseverance to diffuse this legal land mine for Texas property owners.

Lobbying News

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    A Recap from the 2012 Texas Groundwater Summit By Cassie Gresham Last week I attended the 1st Annual Texas Groundwater Summit which was sponsored by the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts.   It was a great conference and I learned a … Continue reading →Read More »
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