Landowner Rights
We are advocates for YOU and YOUR LAND
Landowner Rights
We are advocates for YOU and YOUR LAND

We are advocates for you and your land.

Braun & Gresham, PLLC provides expert legal counsel and practical advice for owners of rural property nationwide. We use traditional resources in innovative ways to help our clients protect and create new value in their land.

Our clients form a broad cross-section—from new rural landowners and heritage ranching families to corporations and conservation developers. Together, we work to achieve their goals, applying our unique breadth of experience, knowledge and passion for the land to:

  • Protect their property and their rights;
  • Buy or sell land;
  • Work with the government; or
  • Plan for the future.

We frequently partner with other law firms and professionals, combining resources to get the best results for our clients. We also work with non-profit and government organizations who bring resources and funding to assist our clients.

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“We wish we had found Patrick and the Braun team sooner! We continue to rely on their creative solutions. Without reservation, we recommend Patrick and his ability to resolve disputes to protect our Texas ranch lands.”

Elizabeth and John Hawley
Taylor Properties

“This is a trial process so there are a lot of rules, deadlines and paperwork that I just didnt have the time to mess with so it was great having [Braun & Gresham] as experts on this [transmission] case. I could have been on the moon!”

J.M. Hawley
Texas Landowner, Powerline Routing

“From the very beginning, Thomas was like a family adviser, working in my best interests.”

Joyce Lucas
Texas Landowner - Estate Planning

“You could not go through such a complex process on such a tight schedule – and do it well – without good counsel. Braun & Gresham was consistently on the ball.”

Todd Thomas
W.T. Waggoner Estate

“Every time I call, I am treated like I am the most important call of the day. I would recommend him to anyone seeking professional representation in eminent domain and condemnation proceedings.”

Alan Koemel
Texas Landowner - Condemnation

“I want to thank both Braun & Gresham and their sister company, Plateau Land & Wildlife Management, for the help and support they provided. It always felt like Patrick Reznik and James Hall [Certified Wildlife Biologist for Plateau] went ‘over and above’ the call of duty. Patrick made me feel very calm by providing a strategic plan and moral support, and James’ detailed explanations and time he took with the property always made me feel they both had my back.” – Tomasz J, Texas Landowner

“He knew the players, he knew the process, and he knew when we should call it a day. A seasoned attorney will advise you when you have maximized your opportunity and the time has come to sign. That depth of expertise is essential – you don’t want to experiment with your land.” 
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Virginia Ford
Texas Landowner - Condemnation

“We couldn’t have done it without Braun’s team of attorneys. To find such a wonderful way of keeping the legacy of the land alive, and to have it benefit the public, too – It’s just a total win-win.”

Cecilia Dahlstrom
Texas Landowner - Estate Planning

“I must say that above all, I have appreciated his [David Braun’s] integrity. His is above reproach. I would recommend him without reservation.”

Ladonna Bogdanny

“The very best people around doing conservation easements are Braun & Gresham. They have the creativity, the experience, the resourcefulness and the dogged determination to get it done.”

Steve Saunders
Saunders, Norval, Nichols & Atkins, LLP

“Patrick got to know everybody we might have conflicts with or opposition from, and worked with them to see where we might share common ground and where we might gain more. And it worked!”
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Jim Gibbs
Texas Landowner - Powerline Routing

“…what and undertaking it is when you get down to the legislative nitty-gritty. You need a solid team in there with you; professionals with perseverance; and that’s what Braun was for me. They got it done.”

Joe Boerschig
Texas Ranch Owner

“A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into taking care of a property like ours. Patrick gets that. He seems to have a feel for the land and the importance of protecting it, and that’s one of the reasons he’s so remarkable at representing landowners.”

Marcia M.
Texas Landowner - Condemnation

“Braun had the expertise to make it all happen. They provided the insight, integrity, and respect necessary to engage successfully with all entities involved. They were very fair-minded and creative with their thinking – they just wouldnt except ‘no’ for an answer.”

Cecilia Dahlstrom Barrentine

“We were in way over our heads, and they were phenomenal – very accessible, very responsive. They knew what they were doing, and we always knew they had our best interests at heart.”
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Mike & Diane J.
North Texas Landowner - Condemnation Case

“Not only did Cassie [Gresham] lead a successful effort in evaluating options for our land, but she is extremely timely and responsive which is important to me. I have confidence she knows her business.”

Joel Pafford
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