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As the population grows, so does the need to transport oil and gas, sewage, electricity, water, and people across the state. To satisfy demand,

Real Estate

For over 20 years, Braun & Gresham has mastered our holistic knowledge of real estate law in Texas and the countless situations that can arise in the sale, purchase


Few landowners want to “go to court,” but sometimes issues and unfair treatment can only be resolved through litigation in the court system or adversarial

Estate Planning

If the only certainties in life are death and taxes, then
smart estate planning should be a priority for all of us.
Estate planning has four goals: Leave a legacy for family

Property Tax

Everything is bigger in Texas, including our property taxes.
While we enjoy no state income tax, our property tax rates
are among the highest in the country. But as stewards of

Texas Ecological Laboratory

For land that loses “Ag” valuation, Braun & Gresham has an interesting
and effective alternative to paying taxes on market value while reestablishing
agricultural use. Taxes can be returned to “Ag” rates if the property


For the last twenty years, Texas and surrounding states have seen
historic investment in wind, solar and other renewables energy
development. Renewable developers do not have eminent domain

Asset Protection

Today’s owner of rural land has many potential risks to consider.
As friends, family, and other guests enjoy your land for recreational
activities such as hunting, swimming, and off-road adventures

Conservation Easements

Out in the Texas Hill Country, a quiet movement is afoot.
Almost literally underfoot, as it centers around land – one
rare and beautiful stretch of land offering a sensory feast