Margaret Menicucci

Attorney and Counselor

“Margaret set our minds at ease immediately. She led us through the estate planning process step by step. She helped us formulate our goals and patiently discussed the options with us. The end result was a will that spoke to our needs and desires and was fine-tuned for Texas law.”
–Teresa Maslonka, Client

About Margaret

As a thoughtful and considerate advisor, Margaret brings to landowners a skilled understanding of family estate planning with a focus on the distinctive needs of rural landowners. She is experienced in using wills, trusts, and business entities to facilitate a smooth transition family assets from one generation to the next. Her background in leading multi-party negotiations has allowed her to hone her listening skills and understand the unique needs of each client as she guides them in transforming their expectations into action. Margaret has worked with non-profit organizations, providing legal guidance through major transitions and ongoing operations. Margaret also assists clients on various environmental, natural resource, and regulatory concerns.

Client Services

Estate Planning, Including Wills, Trusts, and Disability Planning
Settling Estates, Including Probate Proceedings

Securing Conservation Easements
Limiting Your Liabilities
Buying and Selling Rural Land
Working with Land Trusts
Working with Nonprofits

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