Landowner Alert System 10-20-20

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Property Tax: Texas property owners should receive their 2020 tax bills in the mail soon. It is very important that you review your tax bill to make sure that it accurately reflects the market value of your property and that … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 10-6-2020

Condemnation: Texas Central’s proposed Houston-to-Dallas high-speed rail line gets long-sought approval from the Federal Railroad Administration. Whether Texas Central has eminent domain authority to condemn unwilling landowners remains to be fully litigated. Please see the the following article for recent … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 9-22-20

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Land Development: Landowners who are interested in subdividing their land while still retaining the rural character of their property may have the option of maintaining an agricultural valuation on the property on the new lots  through the creation of a … Continue reading

Property Tax Solutions for Developers: Grazing Associations & WMPAs

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By Joanne Hatton, Attorney & Counselor. As the populations of many rural communities in Texas continue to grow, there is a movement to provide an alternative to the typical suburban-style neighborhood and to foster development that preserves the rural character … Continue reading

SH 105 Community Webinars

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Winning Fair Compensation for Businesses Impacted by Road Improvements Braun & Gresham has organized webinars on October 7th, 2020, for landowners impacted by the “SH 105 from 10th Street in Conroe to Business 105” widening project in Montgomery, San Jacinto … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 9-8-20

Property Tax: For landowners who are considering moving to wildlife management or submitting an agricultural application, the fall is a great time to get started.  You can make your application as early as January 1st of every year.  There are … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 8-25-20

Estate Planning: Planning for your potential disability or incapacity is not what you necessarily think of as “estate planning.”  But, designating a trusted family member or friend to manage your assets and aid in your healthcare decisions is a critical … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 8-11-20

Conservation: Supported by a bipartisan effort in Congress, President Trump signed into law the Great American Outdoors Act on August 4, 2020. The Great American Outdoors Act accomplished two major conservation goals: (1) it permanently and fully funded the Land … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 7-28-20

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Property Taxes: Our team at Braun & Gresham has spent the last few months negotiating property tax issues or denials with appraisal districts. And we have learned a few things. First, make sure to protest timely. We file our protests … Continue reading

What’s the Dam deal?

By Carly Barton, Attorney & Counselor As Texas continues to grow and water becomes scarcer, more landowners look for solutions to keep water on their properties. Putting a dam on your property can be the answer to preserving water, but … Continue reading

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