Negotiating New Easements

Companies, through eminent domain laws, continue to threaten condemnation and  “take” an easement from Texas landowners. Landowners and attorneys often focus just on the compensation and give little attention to the easement language. Easements give utility and pipeline companies the … Continue reading

Patrick Reznik Blogs About Boundary Disputes

Take a look at the latest blog by Attorney Patrick Reznik. If you find yourself in a boundary dispute, give him a call, and let him guide you through this very delicate and often complicated process.  Do Good Fences Really … Continue reading

What Happens When a Will Is Protested?

“You don’t know a man until you divide an estate with him.”  -Mark Twain “. . . a will is more apt to be the subject of litigation than any other legal instrument.” -Leon Jaworski  in an address to the … Continue reading

What Every Buyer Of Rural Land Should Know About Old Property Easements

As Texas continues to grow its infrastructure across the state’s private, rural lands, potential litigation related to old easements is becoming a serious issue.  Buyers of rural land often fail to identify the existence of unmaintained, but legal, “blanket” easements … Continue reading

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