Landowner Alert System 6-15-21

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Texas Power Grid: Most Texan know more about Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) and the Public Utility Commissioner (PUC) because of the February 2021 power outages. In the Houston Chronicle article linked below, state Rep. Drew Darby discussed the … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 9-8-20

Property Tax: For landowners who are considering moving to wildlife management or submitting an agricultural application, the fall is a great time to get started.  You can make your application as early as January 1st of every year.  There are … Continue reading

West Kerr County Community Forum for New Transmission Line Project

*7/19 Update* Last Monday evening, Patrick Reznik was asked to participate in the West Kerr County Community Forum at the Ingram Tom Moore High School Auditorium hosted by the West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the Forum … Continue reading

Patrick Reznik to Host Webinar 12/2 and 12/3 About New Transmission Line

Houston County Electric Cooperative has applied to build a new transmission line, “Mustang Prairie to Weldon”, in Houston County. The 138-kV proposed line will be roughly 15 miles long and require a 110 ft wide easement. If you have recently … Continue reading

Braun & Gresham Announces 2015 Spring Webinar Series

Braun & Gresham is proud to announce our 2015 spring webinar series, kicking off on April 2, 2015 with The Importance of Updating Your Estate Plan with attorney Margaret Menicucci. This series will feature webinars from Understanding Your Property Taxes and Notice … Continue reading

Negotiating New Easements

Companies, through eminent domain laws, continue to threaten condemnation and  “take” an easement from Texas landowners. Landowners and attorneys often focus just on the compensation and give little attention to the easement language. Easements give utility and pipeline companies the … Continue reading

Landowner Workshop with the Hill Country Alliance and Patrick Reznik on the Blumenthal Transmission Project

Patrick Reznik will be partnering with the Hill Country Alliance as a part of a panel discussion on landowner rights and the routing process. This informative event will take place on September 6, 2014 beginning at 8:30 am through noon. … Continue reading

What Every Buyer of Rural Land Should Know About Old Property Easements

As Texas continues to grow its infrastructure across the state’s private rural lands, potential litigation related to old easements is becoming a more serious issue. Buyers of rural land often fail to identify the existence of “unmaintained,” but legal “blanket” easements … Continue reading

Patrick Reznik to Speak at San Antonio Board of Realtors Farm and Land Marketing Session

Patrick Reznik is partnering with the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) and will speak at their upcoming Farm and Land Marketing session. The topic of his speech is entitled, “Transmission Lines and Pipelines: routing, condemnation and easements”. This event … Continue reading

Transmission Line Webinars 12/30/13, 1/6/14 and 1/9/14

If you’ve recently been contacted by any of these utility companies regarding the construction of a transmission line, join us for a webinar hosted by Braun & Gresham attorney, Patrick Reznik, who will be available to answer all of your … Continue reading

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