Avoiding Common Property Tax Pitfalls

By Cassie Gresham, Principal, Attorney & Counselor My work on behalf of landowners often involves helping them fix a problem or get out of a bind with their local appraisal district. Through the years, I have seen some common mistakes … Continue reading

How to Read Your Property Tax Bill

By Cassie Gresham, Principal, Attorney & Counselor Most landowners can expect to receive their property tax bills in October every year. It is too late to protest your values, but before you pay the bill, I would advise you to … Continue reading

National Estate Planning Awareness Week: October 19-25, 2020

By Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor Along with cooler weather, October brings National Estate Planning Awareness Week! This is the perfect time to think about the condition (or even existence) of your estate plan. Estate planning enables you to: protect … Continue reading

Property Tax Solutions for Developers: Grazing Associations & WMPAs

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By Joanne Hatton, Attorney & Counselor. As the populations of many rural communities in Texas continue to grow, there is a movement to provide an alternative to the typical suburban-style neighborhood and to foster development that preserves the rural character … Continue reading

Planning for Your Disability to Protect Your Legacy

By Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor The most distressing situation that a client can bring to us is when an elderly or ill person has been taken advantage of financially by a third party who purports to be a friend … Continue reading

What’s the Dam deal?

By Carly Barton, Attorney & Counselor As Texas continues to grow and water becomes scarcer, more landowners look for solutions to keep water on their properties. Putting a dam on your property can be the answer to preserving water, but … Continue reading

Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Landowners

By Carly Barton, Attorney & Counselor If you have ever been concerned about how much latitude an easement holder has on your property, the Supreme Court of Texas recently decided an important case that could affect landowners with certain types … Continue reading

A Message About The COVID-19 Virus

Dear Clients – Braun & Gresham is always committed to everyone’s complete health and safety, as well as ensuring that your legal matters remain our top priority. Even through the current challenges of the COVID-19 virus, we remain a fully … Continue reading

2020 Brings Dramatic Changes to Pay-out Requirements for Inherited IRAs and Retirement Plans

By Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor The pay-out requirements for people inheriting Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and other retirement plans have changed dramatically. Legislation passed in late December of 2019, called the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Act (the … Continue reading

Common Fencing Mistakes in Texas

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“It makes a difference doesn’t it, whether we fully fence ourselves in or whether we are fenced out by the barriers of others.” – E.M. Forster That might be true for people, but, in Texas, we know it’s definitely true … Continue reading

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