What’s the Dam deal?

By Carly Barton, Attorney & Counselor As Texas continues to grow and water becomes scarcer, more landowners look for solutions to keep water on their properties. Putting a dam on your property can be the answer to preserving water, but … Continue reading

Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Landowners

By Carly Barton, Attorney & Counselor If you have ever been concerned about how much latitude an easement holder has on your property, the Supreme Court of Texas recently decided an important case that could affect landowners with certain types … Continue reading

A Message About The COVID-19 Virus

Dear Clients – Braun & Gresham is always committed to everyone’s complete health and safety, as well as ensuring that your legal matters remain our top priority. Even through the current challenges of the COVID-19 virus, we remain a fully … Continue reading

2020 Brings Dramatic Changes to Pay-out Requirements for Inherited IRAs and Retirement Plans

By Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor The pay-out requirements for people inheriting Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and other retirement plans have changed dramatically. Legislation passed in late December of 2019, called the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Act (the … Continue reading

Common Fencing Mistakes in Texas

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By Joanne Hatton, Attorney & Counselor “It makes a difference doesn’t it, whether we fully fence ourselves in or whether we are fenced out by the barriers of others.” – E.M. Forster That might be true for people, but, in … Continue reading

Updating Your Estate Plan

By Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor This summer I moved a just-graduated adult child into her first apartment in a big city. Her adult life is taking shape as she takes the bus to work and the commuter rail to … Continue reading

Eminent Domain Controversy for Foreign Oil & Gas Delivery

By Attorneys & Counselors Shane Neldner and Patrick Reznik The public may not be served when pipeline companies ship oil and natural gas from Texas to foreign markets. Private pipeline companies have long-enjoyed the power of eminent domain. The Fifth … Continue reading

The Importance of a Complete Will

By Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor I have never met a client who says they want their Will to distribute only a part of their estate, and then they want the family to figure out the rest through four years … Continue reading

Settling Into a New Estate Tax Environment

Settling Into a New Estate Tax Environment By Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor In my November 2nd blog, I reflected on the status of gift and estate taxation with the tax reform act looming in the background. The Tax Cuts … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season to Start Talking

‘Tis the Season to Start Talking By Margaret Menicucci, Attorney & Counselor My father passed away in 2010, after a long and meaningful life. Visits to my parents’ home were periodic because I live in a different state. In the … Continue reading

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