Landowner Alert System 7-14-20

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Pre-Condemnation Pipeline Routing: Pipeline projects are booming in Texas, putting thousands of landowners at risk of having their property taken by condemnation. Texas law allows pipeline companies to choose the route of a pipeline without any oversight by government or … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 6-30-20

Conservation Easements: “The true value of wide open space is more apparent than ever before.  A conservation easement is the only legal tool capable of conserving family lands forever.  As cities grow, surrounding rural areas face increased development pressures resulting … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 6-16-20

Property Taxes: “Appraisal districts are in the process of reviewing applications that have been submitted for 2020, and if you haven’t heard from them, I would give them a call. We are all learning to operate remotely and the appraisal … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 5-29-20

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Texas Ecolab Program: “Ecolab is an alternative for landowners who want to reduce their taxes, but are not interested in grazing animals in order to obtain an open space valuation.  Landowners can host research on their property by a public … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 5-15-20

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Property Taxes: “Ahhhh, the joys of a Texas Spring: blooming wildflowers, plentiful rain and property taxes!  Texas Landowners should be receiving their Notices of Appraised Value from their appraisal district this Spring.  Please make sure that you review the notice … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 5-1-20

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Eminent Domain: As the population grows, so does the need to transport oil and gas, sewage, electricity, water, and people across the state. To satisfy demand, Texas agencies, and some private companies, have been given the power to take privately-owned … Continue reading

Eminent Domain Webinars – Your Rights as a Landowner

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For Landowners Affected by the RM 620 TxDOT Project Braun & Gresham organized a webinar to educate landowners affected by the RM 620 Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) project in Travis County. This webinar provided an update on the RM … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 4-17-20

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Conservation Easements: Owners of rural land have the ability to use conservation easements to protect their land, and our state’s heritage, forever while generating significant sources of income and tax benefits for their families.  As leaders in this highly specialized … Continue reading

Landowner Alert System 4-3-20

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Estate Planning A carefully crafted estate plan is essential for protecting your assets and your loved ones, regardless of the size of your estate or your family circumstances. At Braun & Gresham, we use a wide variety of tools and … Continue reading

Texas Supreme Court Rules Against Landowners

By Carly Barton, Attorney & Counselor If you have ever been concerned about how much latitude an easement holder has on your property, the Supreme Court of Texas recently decided an important case that could affect landowners with certain types … Continue reading

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