RM 150 is currently a two-lane roadway that extends from RM 12 in Dripping Springs through Kyle to I-35 and beyond. It is one of three primary routes that runs east/west through Hays County and supports movements through the County to and from the I-35 corridor.

Hays County recognizes and appreciates the beautiful scenery of this area and understands the need to balance this unique character with any future improvement plans. It is the County’s responsibility to provide reliable and safe transportation options and to accommodate current and future traffic and growth. By planning ahead, the County can coordinate and work together with property owners, businesses, and the community while planning for the future.

Anticipated Schedule from TxDOT:

Summer 2018 – Share initial alternatives, purpose and need, project updates, and gather input
Fall 2018 – Share results of preliminary evaluation of alternatives and gather input
Winter 2018-Spring 2019 – Perform technical analysis and prepare Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Summer 2019 – Publish the Draft EIS, hold public hearing, and gather input
Summer 2020 – Receive environmental decision