SH46 SchematicThe Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), in cooperation with the City of Bulverde and Comal County, has begun planning improvements to the 7 mile stretch of SH 46 from Bulverde Road to FM 3159 (Smithson Valley Road). The project is being developed to address safety and mobility concerns in this rapidly growing area of Bulverde. Proposed improvements may include expansion of the road to six lanes, sidewalks, and bicycle accommodations.

Transportation improvements for SH 46 are needed between Bulverde Road and FM 3159 due to safety concerns, traffic congestion, negative impacts to operational efficiency due to area growth, and traffic volumes which are projected to increase by approximately 133% by the year 2049. The purpose of the proposed project is to provide a safer road, reduce congestion, and improve operational efficiency along the SH 46 corridor.

The proposed right‐of‐way width varies for a majority of the project from 130 to 185 feet; however, approximately 330 feet is needed at the FM 3159/Smithson Valley Road intersection. The proposed project would result in one commercial displacement and no residential displacements.

Proposed Project Schedule

  • July 2015 – Project Kick Off
  • Summer to Late Fall 2015 – Data collection and review (crash data, traffic data and projections, traffic analysis) and conduct environmental reviews
  • Late Fall/Winter 2015 – Development of possible alternatives for the road
  • March 2016 – Public meeting to share data collected and possible alternatives and collect input from the public
  • Spring 2016/Early 2017 – Evaluation of public comments and continued studies of the area to refine alternatives for a preferred alternative
  • Summer 2018 – Public Hearing for Farhills Drive to Smithson Valley Road to share preferred alternative and collect input from the public
  • Early 2019 – Public Hearing for section from Bulverde Road to Farhills Drive
  • Late 2022 – Construction start for SH 46 from Farhills Drive to Smithson Valley Road

*This timeline is preliminary and subject to change.

Texas has been aggressively acquiring private land through condemnation for transportation projects across the state to accommodate the needs of a growing population. If you have been contacted by TxDOT or any of their representatives, please contact us immediately. The important thing to remember is that even if you’ve received a letter in the mail from a condemnation entity informing you of their intentions, this does not mean that it’s a done deal. There are many ways to influence the condemnation process to ensure that your wants and needs are met, but it’s important that you involve knowledgeable professionals that can help guide you through the process.

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