The City of Seguin is in the process of enhancing Cordova Road, spanning from SH 46 to SH 123, aiming to enhance safety, increase mobility for all road users, and alleviate traffic congestion. Collaborating closely with Guadalupe County and TxDOT, the City is actively advancing this project. Presently, Cordova Road is a two-lane thoroughfare with limited capacity and lacks shoulders. Moreover, it frequently serves as a passageway between SH 46 and SH 123. This particular area of Seguin is experiencing rapid growth, evident from ongoing construction projects and anticipated future developments. For further details regarding planned and upcoming developments, please visit here.

Proposed Improvements:

  • Widen from a 2-lane undivided road to a 4-lane roadway with a center-turn lane or raised median
  • Add a shared-use path for both pedestrians and bicyclists on both sides of the roadway
  • Realign the roadway at SH 46 to create a traditional 4-way intersection with Three Oaks Road
  • Realign the roadway near SH 123 to avoid impacts to the historic Big Red Barn and existing electrical substation

Anticipated Next Steps:

  • Early 2024 to Mid 2024 – Review comments collected and refine design
  • Mid 2024 to Mid 2025 – Finalize design, utilities relocation, and right-or-way acquisition
  • Late 2025 – Construction

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