Natalie Cavellier

Natalie Cavellier

Attorney & Counselor


About Natalie

As a licensed real estate attorney, Natalie assists developers, cities, and landowners that have an interest in preparing large-acre properties for future development. Her experience and LLM in rural property development, makes Natalie uniquely suited to assist landowners with a passion for ethically-sound and sustainable methods of development.

With a ranching-family background, Natalie understands the importance of preserving the aspects we love most about Texas – wide-open spaces, low property taxes, and sustainable methods of living. It’s no wonder then that Texas is the third-fasted growing state, making development of our open spaces unavoidable. However, there are tools available to developers and landowners that allow them to not only profit off of the development, but maintain and protect the character of the land. Natalie’s science and conservation background, provides her with the knowledge to navigate sensitive issues that arise when growth comes to rural areas.