North Houston Highway Improvement Project

The goal of the North Houston Highway Improvement project is to provide a safer facility with additional capacity for projected demand by incorporating transit opportunities, travel demand strategies, and flexible operations.

Project Overview

The Texas Department of Transportation, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), initiated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process for highway improvements in the north Houston area. The North Houston Highway Improvement Project involves evaluation of the I-45 North corridor from near downtown Houston to Beltway 8 North, Beltway 8 North from I-45 North to the Hardy Toll Road, the Hardy Toll Road from I-610 North Loop to Beltway 8 North, I-610 North Loop from I-45 North to the Hardy Toll Road, and portions of I-10 and US 59 near downtown Houston.

The project is broken into 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Beltway 8 to I-610 (9 mi)
  • Segment 2: I-610 to I-10 (3 mi)
  • Segment 3: Downtown Loop System (12.3 mi)

Proposed Improvements

Segment 1 & 2

  • Add four (4) MaX lanes (HOV+Express)
  • Add one (1) frontage road lane in each direction
  • Add full-width shoulders
  • Add bike/pedestrian features along frontage roads

Segment 3

  • Realign I-10 and add new Express Lanes (pass-thru)
  • Realign I-69 and depress from Commerce to Spur 527
  • Downtown Connectors replace Pierce Elevated (Pierce Elevated no longer needed)
  • Potential open space (Lamar to Commerce) – subject to separate development and funding

Proposed Timeline

  • 2024 – Right-of-way acquisitions and relocations

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