US 290 from Oakhill to Dripping Springs Road Project Overview

TxDOT is undertaking an environmental study to explore long-term safety and mobility improvements for US 290 from Oakhill to Dripping Springs, stretching from RM 1826 in southwest Austin to Rob Shelton Boulevard in Dripping Springs. This initiative addresses the challenges posed by significant residential and commercial growth in the area, aiming to enhance accessibility, emergency response times, and economic development while minimizing community and environmental impacts.

Proposed Improvements

  • Improve mobility and safety in the corridor
  • Enhance accessibility for residents and businesses
  • Improve emergency response times
  • Support economic development
  • Minimize impacts to the community and natural environment

Anticipated Next Steps

  • Phase II – Environmental Study and Schematic Design. Anticipated environmental decision in 2024.
  • Phase III – Final Design, right-of-way acquisition and utility adjustments. Timing dependent on phasing and funding.
  • Phase IV – Construction, timing dependent on phasing and funding.


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